In 2022, Tongji University established the first Chinesisch-Deutsches Doktorandenkolleg in China, creating an innovative mechanism for joint training of doctoral students with global competitiveness. The college operates under a dual-supervisor system, with one project/topic supervised by two Chinese and two German supervisors, aiming to cultivate high-level talent with global competitiveness.

122 Dual supervision program: 1 project/project, 2 Chinese and German supervisors, 2 Chinese and German PhD students.

On November 29, 2022, Tongji University held an international cooperation conference on industry, academia, research, and application, with the School of Mechanical Engineering and the Sino-German Center of Mechanical Engineering leading Forum Four on "Digitally Enabled Manufacturing and Construction." The forum lasted for 115 minutes, with over 40 Chinese and German scholars and business representatives in attendance, including five German Academy of Engineering Sciences fellows. The participants discussed topics such as the dual-supervisor system, joint research, and technology transfer, and reached a consensus on further cooperation.