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The School of Mechanical Engineering of Tongji University has its origins in the electromechanical department of Tongji Medical and Engineering School, established in June 1912. In November 1987, the School of Mechanical Engineering was officially established, and in March 2012, it was renamed the School of Mechanical and Energy Engineering. The school consists of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, the Department of Energy Engineering, the Sino-German Center for Mechanical Engineering, as well as eight research institutes, including the Institute of Mechanical Design and Theory, the Institute of Mechanical and Electronic Engineering, the Institute of Modern Manufacturing Technology, the Institute of Refrigeration and Cryogenic Engineering, the Institute of HVAC and Gas Engineering, the Institute of Thermal Energy and Environmental Engineering, the Institute of Gas Engineering, and the Institute of Industrial Engineering, as well as the Department of Fundamental Courses, the Mechanical Experiment Center, and the Energy Experiment Center. The school also includes various organizations such as the Chinese Engineering Machinery Society, the Engineering Machinery Research Institute, the editorial department of the Chinese Journal of Engineering Machinery, Tongji University Sanitation Machinery Research Institute, Tongji University Sino-French Gas Training Center, and Shanghai Construction Robotics Engineering Technology Research Center. The school’s administrative departments include the Office of the Dean, the Student Affairs Office, and the Academic Affairs Office.

The School of Mechanical Engineering has over 170 faculty members, including one member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, two national high-level talents, 50 professors, and 42 associate professors. The school has also invited numerous renowned professors, scholars, and experts from both China and abroad to serve as part-time professors, advisors, and honorary professors. The school has 924 full-time undergraduate students, 531 master’s students, 179 doctoral students, 15 international students, and 23 postdoctoral researchers.

The school has established a postdoctoral research station in mechanical engineering, four doctoral programs in mechanical engineering, industrial engineering, power engineering and engineering thermophysics, and heating, gas supply, ventilation, and air conditioning engineering, as well as six related master's programs. The school has developed a unique disciplinary feature that integrates mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, and information technology and is oriented towards energy utilization and the development of new energy sources. The school has trained a large number of high-level professionals in mechanical design and manufacturing, thermal energy, HVAC and refrigeration technology development, application research, operation management, and business management.