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Ⅰ. What is the procedure for re-entry visa or visa extension?

If you do not have the residence card and want to return to your home country or travel to a third country during your study at the school, you need to apply for a re-entry visa in advance to be able to enter China again. If you want to continue your study in China after the expiry of your visa, you should apply for a visa extension.

If you want to apply for a re-entry visa or a visa extension you should go to the Office of Enrollment of the School of International Education at least 15 days in advance with your passport and residence card for a testimonial.

You should present the testimonial together with your passport and residence card to the Office of Foreigners' Entry and Exit Administration (Visa Office) of the Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau for the relevant procedures.

Addresses of the Visa Office are as follows:

No.1500, Min Sheng Road , Pudong New Area

Tel: 0086 21 68541199

Working time:Monday to Saturday 9:00-16:30

Buses: Take Xujiahui Station of Metro Line I to People's Square Station and Transfer to Metro Line II to Shanghai Science and Technology Museum Station.

Visa Center,division of Aliens & Exit-Entry Administration

Shanghai Public Security Bureau(Changning)

788 Gu Bei Road ,

Tel: 0086 21 62193808

Business hours: Monday through Saturday: 8:30-16:30

Buses: take bus line 911 at the No.3 Gate of Shanghai Jiao Tong University to Gubei Road

Shanghai Sanitation and Quarantine Bureau

Address: No.15, Jin Bang Road (Former No.1701, Ha Mi Road )

Book Hotline: 0086 21 62688851

Business hours: Monday to Friday 8:00 -10:30

Ⅱ. How to apply for the Residence Permit?

According to the Chinese Law, international students who study in a Chinese university or college for a period of over 180 days should apply for a “Residence Permit for Foreigners”.

At the registration of each semester, the school will apply on your behalf for the first “Residence Permit for Foreigners”, but you should provide the following:


2 passport-sized photos;

Certificate of Physical Examination ( Confirmed by Shanghai Sanitation and Quarantine Bureau )

If you live off-campus, you should also provide “Registration Form for Temporary Residence” which you have filled out when registered with the local police station.

You must pay a fee for the application of the card.

If you are unable to register at the school on schedule or if you want to make changes on the “Residence Permit for Foreigners”, you should go and apply to the Office of Foreigners' Entry and Exit Administration (Visa Office) of the Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau yourself, bringing with you a letter of introduction issued by the Office of Enrollment of the School of International Education.


How to make phone calls?

The “country code” for China is ‘86’. The area code for Shanghai is ‘21’. The“country code” for the US is ‘1’. When dialing the US with an IP card, after following the directions on the card, first dial 001 followed by the area code and number you wish to reach.

Use an IP card with the telephone in your room for international calls.

To use IP cards, dial the IP code number (e.g. 17910, 17950, etc) and wait for a voice prompt which will say to press 2 for English. After the card number and pin have been successfully imputed, a voice will tell you your account balance. You can dial the number you wish to call after this, or you can wait to listen to various other options. For all international calls you must first dial 00, and then the country code. To call the United States, the country code is 1, and would then be followed by the area code and phone number.

IC cards can be used for local calls from pay phones.

To use IC cards, first pick up the receiver of the public phone. You will then hear a tone, after which you can insert your IC card. Your account balance will appear on the screen in front of you. Dial the telephone number you wish to call. After you complete your call, hang up and retrieve your card. Your card will automatically deduct the cost of the call.

ATT, MCI, Sprint can be accessed as local calls.

ATT USA Direct: 10811 MCI: 10812 Sprint: 10813

How to get a cell phone?

You can probably get your cell phone unlocked in China Mobile and then you can buy a Chinese phone number and use it in China. The costs are various due to different type and model.

However, Not every cell phone can be unlocked in China. Only tri-band phones brought from abroad can be used in China. You can purchase a SIM card, and then recharge this at regular intervals. If you decide to purchase a phone in China, it will likely be a dual band and cannot be used in your home country.

It is now very convenient and relatively inexpensive to buy and operate mobile phones in China. Total cost for a simple phone is about US$70- $100. The phone number costs about US$8-12 and you can recharge the mobile phones by buying 100RMB recharge slips that are sold throughout the country.

How to exchange money?

Money can be changed at the Bank of China with an official rate.

Note: Not all banks will change travelers’ checks. We suggest that you ask before standing in a long line! You must have your passport with you to change travelers’ checks.

Some of the larger Bank of China branches and CITIC Industrial Bank branches will give cash advances off credit cards. (Bring your passport.) Keep in mind there is a fee for cash advances, and it varies depending on your credit card company. You will need to your passport for this.

ATM machines that accept foreign ATM cards and dispense local currency are ubiquitous in Shanghai

Note: However, DO NOT put your foreign ATM card in any Chinese bank ATM machine unless it prominently displays the logos of international banking services such as Cirrus, Star, Master- Card, Visa, etc!!! It will be swallowed by the ATM and it is quite an ordeal to retrieve!!